Apart from organizing the collection at Masses, ushers direct worshippers and see to their general needs during Mass. They have an important role to play on feast days, processions, etc to oversee the order and discipline so that the event is conducted in a smooth manner.

Lay ministers of Holy communion

Sr No.Name of E.M.H.C
1Ms. Anita Rozario
2Ms. Claudette Pinto
3Ms. Monica Nazareth
4Mr. Pascoal Fernandes
5Mr. Swamy K. S.
6Ms. Gracy Crasto
7Ms. Monica D'Souza
8Mr. Dominic D'Mello
9Ms. Maria D'Souza
10Ms. Rosy D'Souza
11Mr. John D'Souza
12Ms. Hazel Jose
13Ms. Philomena Downer
14Ms. Imelda Vaz
15Ms. Leena D'Souza
16Ms. Bridget D'Souza
17Ms. Bobsy Moll
18Ms. Ryvitta Pereria
19Ms. Illarin F. Mendis
20Mr. Edgar Guest
21Mr. T T. Xavier
22Ms. Jessie D'Souza
23Ms. Jacintha Karkera
24Ms. Carmin D'Scouza
25Ms. Alice Martis
26Sr. Plasilda
27Sr. Jacquline
28Sr. Rubiya